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I’m Nick Angel

A Business & Marketing Consultant

I deliver; Full websites for as little as $250 within 24 Hours!

Pro Logos for just $60 bucks!

and $250 gets you found on local search.


I’m Nick Angel

A Freelance Creative Web Designer

I deliver; Full websites for as little as $250 within 24 Hours!

Pro Logos for just $60 bucks!

and $250 gets you found on local search.


I’m Nick Angel

A Freelance Creative Web Designer

I deliver; Full websites for as little as $250 within 24 Hours!

Pro Logos for just $60 bucks!

and $250 gets you found on local search.

About Me

I’m more than just your web designer, I’m also your

digital strategist

business consultant

content writer

graphic designer

branding specialist


Hi, I’m Nick Angel (Nicholas Evangelisti), a freelance web & graphic designer and digital strategist who gained his chops working with multiple fortune 500 computer, internet, and communications companies over the past 20 years. My passion for web design came when I built my first website to share photos of my newborn son with my family and later expanded it so each family member had their own space to also share their photos. It’s been 18 years since my first website and now with the advent of social media, smartphones, and the cloud, what I set out to do 18 years ago has become the mainstream.

I believe every person, should have their own digital outlet that they own to deliver, share, and connect their style, brand, products, or businesses with their tribe. Social media has been a good starting place for people to dabble in this idea but unfortunately, they don’t own their own spaces and usually have to pay an arm and a leg just to connect with their family and friends. I’m here to make owning your own website affordable and easy as setting up a social media account. I do all the heavy lifting and mitigate the costs, time, and the vast learning curve that’s associated with web design and digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing


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Samples of what I’m capable of

My Skills

With over 20 years in the digital industry, I’ve honed my education, experience, and skills to provide a real value to my clients to help their ideas become thriving businesses and their services & products find the people who will value them most.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Dreamweaver

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Web Packages

Please contact me if the packages below don't fit the needs of your project.

What You Get

With one of my websites, you won't get a static website that might as well just be an expensive business card, with an Angel Site you'll get a marketing hub that brands your content, products, and services while centralizes your email, social media, products, clients, employees, records, automation. The sky isn't the limit, an angel site will expand your ideas, business, and service to anywhere there is an internet connection.

Your new website will provide you with top industry tools that allow you to easily navigate today's digital marketing landscape, connect with people wherever whenever, and on whatever device they choose and it doesn't just stop there, I'm also here to support you even after I turn over the keys to your new site. 

Website Architecture

Domain registration, hosting, content management system, unlimited storage, unlimited email, social media sharing, unlimited forms, unlimited expansions, SSL certificates, e-commerce, metrics & analytics, funnels, landing pages reporting, search engine integration, fast turn around times, security, support, branding, graphic design, advertising, lead generation. These are just some of the things you get when you choose to work with Nick Angel.

Visual Design System

Gone are the days of cryptic coding in obscure programs you've never heard of you'll be able to use my cutting edge WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) site editor allowing you to customize any part of your website intuitively easily and quickly.

SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization makes sure search engines find you and helps the people who are looking for you and your products are being connected. SEO helps lower your marketing and advertising costs significantly. Additionally right behind the initial cost of your website and email marketing SEO has the highest ROI in the digital marketing toolset.

Content Strategy

From our first conversation learning about you, your business, and your customers' needs are my highest priority. I listen and then I listen some more and only then in collaboration will we then outline the proper content to build an engaging marketing hub.


Mobile Friendly Wesbite

 Desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and even virtual reality. The interface choices are endless no need to worry all of my designs are mobile responsive, meaning they will talk with the device and automatically present themselves with size, layout, and optimal UI (user interface) to provide your visitor with the best experience.



1 Year of Updates & Support

With 99.99% uptime and the highest industry standard security tools at your disposal, people wonder why they need maintenance at all. Well, errors are sometimes made so backups are important. Also, the internet is a continuously changing landscape and needs nearly constant updates to make sure your server, cms, website, and apps are always running the most current updates.

Web Pages Built

Projects Done

Cups of Coffee

Have an awesome project idea in mind?

My Clients

Nick Angel really empowered me and my business to reach the next level. He has an incredible understanding of how to use social media to build community, my brand, and to create sales. Even more exciting, he has a vision for my next step and he knows exactly how to get me there. As a result, my growth will be astronomical and unlimited!

Susan Modeste

P.H.D. @, Independent Entrepreneur

“Nick is highly skilled in design and digital marketing, he has our endorsement.”

C. Halse

CEO, @ Halse Agency


Do you build websites with WordPress?

Yes, with Wordpress now being the number 1 platform to build on, it has quickly become the industry standard. Robust and scalable WP should match just about any needs. This isn't the only platform I build on but it surpasses most needs, and I find it excels in all categories of design and functionality. 

Do you use industry templates?

Sometimes but rarely and only If I find there is one available that fits a client's exact needs. But templates can greatly lower cost and design time if there is a good fit. But don't worry its just a starting basis I will make any site I build feel unique and on brand regardless if I design if from the ground up or get a head-start from a template.

Do you require a deposit to begin design work?

For one-time projects, we generally ask for a 35%-50% upfront deposit to begin services and the rest due at delivery. Monthly and retainer services are paid upfront in full at the beginning of the month to prevent any service interruptions.

Do you build ecommerce sites?

Heck yeah, on multiple platforms. I'm here to help you succeed in your business and selling things is the best way to do that. Shopping carts are my thing! 

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of our industry full refunds are highly unlikely once project work has begun. A full refund is only possible if the project hasn't yet begun and a cancellation is requested before the project starts. If a design has already started fees, cost and work already done may be subtracted and a remaining amount may be refunded. How do I avoid refunds I work closely with my clients and shift effortlessly to their needs and deliver what you ask for not what I want to give you so I've not yet been asked for a refund.

How are you able to charge such a low price?

With over 20 years in the industry, being in business for years, and running an award-winning marketing agency I've learned from common mistakes, gained insight and been able to find powerful tools, make valuable connections with experienced people, and make lasting vertical partnerships with people empowering companies these things don't come easily or overnight. I leverage these assets to mitigate your costs, time, and learning curve to provide the most value to the most people, in the shortest period of time and I pass these savings on to you. Also, it's important to be well informed and by using a proven method of determining your needs (Listening Well) and only building whats best for you, your budget, timeframe and project scope I have mostly very happy customers and minimum redesign time. Its also good to keep in mind I'm not always the lowest price or the fastest but when this happens I usually make up for it in overall value.

Remember, a consultation with me is always free and I just might be able to prevent you from wasting a few thousand bucks.






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